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Dr Russo The Rejuvenation Clinic Canary Wharf

Dr Russo The Rejuvenation Clinic Canary Wharf

Skin changes with the onset of age affects everyone and can mean that for some, we look to battle the facial lines and wrinkles that make us look tired and less youthful. Creams and lotions only go so far and there is a more effective, short term solution to conquer those unsightly lines without the need to go under the knife or to spend thousands of pounds on more invasive surgery.

Here at The Rejuventation Clinic Canary Wharf, Dr Russo performs wrinkle smoothing injections using Anti Wrinkle Injections, a completely safe, naturally derived muscle paralyzing toxin. The upper facial areas such as furrows between the eyebrows, bunny lines ( sides of the nose ), crows feet around the eyes and forehead wrinkles are all treatable. The Anti Wrinkle Injections acts to relax the muscles and so temporarily removes the overlying skin wrinkles. On consultation Dr Russo will talk with you about your concerns and perform an examination to determine whether Anti Wrinkle Injections will be suitable for you.

In most cases, Dr Russo will perform the treatment on the same day which only takes a few minutes, after he marks the areas to be treated.

A small amount of Anti Wrinkle Injections is injected under the skin, paralyzing or “relaxing” facial muscles. It’s taken up by nerve endings very quickly and after a few months those nerve endings are replaced and repaired leading to muscle movement returning. Therefore, treatments are typically needed every three to six months and can prevent further wrinkles from forming. The treatment is considered extremely safe, is not painful and has been in use for 20 years with very few adverse reactions.

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Anti Wrinkle Injections in Canary Wharf at The Rejuvenation Clinic

There is no down time needed with this treatment and you can continue with your day as normal after being seen by Dr Russo. However, you will be advised not to rub or touch the area treated, not to bend forward or exert yourself (do physical exercise) for 24 hours, so that the product does not migrate to any unwanted areas. Results are typically seen between 24 hours to 2 weeks and you may need to return after this time for a “touch up” treatment to address any further concerns, which is free of charge. This method is best to avoid injecting too much of the toxin and giving that “frozen” look, so commonly known with over injecting. Think “less is more”. There are very minimal side effects to Anti Wrinkle Injections treatments but you may experience a slight bruising or itching at the injection site post treatment, but this will subside very quickly.

Toxin injections are now one of the most common ways to treat the upper facial area and you can see some of the great results achieved at The Rejuvenations Clinic Canary Wharf by taking a look at the before and after pictures displayed on the website.

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