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Turn back the clock with Fraxel

Many of us would like to stop time when it comes to ageing. Those tell tale lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, lax skin and a lacklustre and dull, tired complexion can affect our self esteem and make us look much older than we feel. For many of us, invasive surgery is not the answer and we reach out for alternative, non-surgical treatments with minimal discomfort and downtime. At the Rejuvenation Clinic

Fraxel for Acne scarring

At The Rejuventation Clinic we offer Fraxel® laser therapy to treat a variety of skin conditions and one of the most successful treatments we offer is for acne scarring. Scars are depressions or indentations in the skin that occur after a medical condition such as acne or after a surgical incision. Especially when they’re on the face or other visible areas, scars can carry the stigma of adolescent acne long

Fraxel treatment in the UK

Many of us would like to slow down the effects that ageing has on our looks, and even perhaps turn back the clock in the process. Fraxel® is a proven laser technology that can help reverse the visible effects of of ageing. The changes with Fraxel® aren’t drastic and produce natural effects that are still you, just younger, fresher and more beautiful. At the Rejuvenation Clinic & Medispa, Dr. Luca

Botox Canary Wharf

Anti Wrinkle Injections Canary Wharf

Skin changes with the onset of age affects everyone and can mean that for some, we look to battle the facial lines and wrinkles that make us look tired and less youthful. Creams and lotions only go so far and there is a more effective, short term solution to conquer those unsightly lines without the need to go under the knife or to spend thousands of pounds on more invasive

Coolsculpting London

Coolsculpting: Londons’ must have body treatment

It can safely be said that most of us with active and busy lifestyles strive to eat healthily, maintain a healthy weight and take regular exercise to look and feel our best. However, in many instances, there still remains an unsightly roll of hard – to – shift fat that sits on the waist line and no matter how much effort we put in, it will not budge! Historically, areas

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