Skin tightening

The areas of the body where the skin begins to sag are almost always the same: arms, breasts, lower abdomen, and the inside of thighs.

Skin loosening can be accelerated by a strict diet, weight fluctuations or pregnancy. The skin reacts to body volume variations in two ways: stretching and extending (creation of excess skin). Stretched skin can respond to treatments that boost collagen and elastin production, while extended skin will be improved only through cosmetic surgery to remove the excess of skin.

At The Rejuvenation Clinic & Medispa we offer a wide range of treatments to firm things up. Combination therapies are what work best: associating injections, radiofrequency treatments and lasers.


Skin tightening (Thermage & Ulthera)
Laser Skin resurfacing (Fraxel)
Fat removal injections (Aqualyx)
Cryolipolisis (Coolsculpting)

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