Aqualyx fat dissolving injection

Aqualyx is a fat loss treatment that utilize a prescription only pharmaceutical product that is injected in the subcutaneous fat to dissolve stubborn fat deposits and is usually painless as the product contains a local anaesthetic. The area may be slight red or swollen directly after the treatment and usually settles within to 5 days. There is no downtime following treatment.

How does Aqualyx work?

Aqualyx is water like solution which contains desoxycol-acid, a secondary bile acid naturally present in the liver and helps the digestion of fat and works by locking onto the wall of the fat cell and making it unstable. This releases the content of fatty acid inside. The body then uses up the fatty acid as energy and removes the cell residue in its normal way.

Aqualyx can able used over the entire body for dissolution of fat deposits.

How many treatments are required

The number of treatments vary according to the volume of the fat deposit, the desired correction and the individuals response to the treatment. Treatments are done every 4 weeks and on average 1 to 3 are required. Results are usually visible within this time period. As the fatty acids that are being released are utilised into additional energy it is essential to maintain a healthy diet as alternative fat depots in the body may be used to store the fat.

At The Rejuvenation Clinic & Medispa, all Aqualyx injections are administered exclusively by Dr. Luca Russo, a leading Harley Street cosmetic surgeon with more than 25 years of experience and are carried out in all our state-of-the-art clinics in Harley Street and Canary Wharf.

From £295
Aqualyx can also used
to disolve fat over the
entire body including

  • Double chin
  • Pre jowl sulcus
  • Upper arms
  • Arm pits
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Saddle bags
  • Knees
  • Fat depots on buttocks, chest and inner thighs

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The Rejuvenation Clinic’s fat dissolving injections are ideal if you’re trying to lose weight! Aqualyx is a gel based injection which enables you to deposit of fatty acids normally.

Aqualyx is injected in to the area of fat you want to target, this is to dissolve any fat deposits. The Aqualyx attaches to the membrane of the fat cells in the hips, waist, upper arms or chin, it then dissolves into the membrane where the fat cell is broken down and no longer stable. Once this occurs, the fat deposits will be removed from the liver, passing through your urine!

In addition to this, the body can generate energy from fatty acids- helping you to reduce your weight significantly.

At The Rejuvenation Clinic, we guarantee you will notice results within 4 weeks of the non-surgical treatment, however it is essential that you maintain an equilibrium between healthy diet and regular exercise if you want to achieve the best results!


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