Anti Wrinkle Injections Injections

An internationally-acclaimed method of anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle injections can restore skin to its former smooth elasticity, creating a more youthful appearance, regardless of age.

With over 11 million people worldwide using botulinum toxin injections to lessen a multitude of sins – including brow furrows, worry lines and bunny lines – it is the one of the most effective and frequently chosen procedures in the industry to date.


From £199

No downtime is needed – you’re ready to get on with your day! Side effects associated with the injection include localized tenderness, mild swelling, redness, and mild bruising.

Dr. Luca Russo recommends a complementary follow up visit two weeks after your treatment to assess the results.

The treatment is safe and straightforward and is carried out in all our state-of-the-art clinics in Harley Street and Canary Wharf

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Holding 25 years of experience under his belt, leading Harley Street non-invasive cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Luca Russo will put you at ease during the injections administered exclusively by himself.

Working by numbing the nerve impulses of specifically targeted muscles, anti-wrinkle injections reduce the movement of said muscles contributing to the worn appearance of the skin.

To restore a youthful complexion to your skin and iron out pesky wrinkles, book in a consultation with Dr. Luca Russo today. Each treatment is painstakingly personalised to the client, ensuring that you will receive the best results for your given issue.

Before and after wrinkle injections


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