Ulthera skin tightening

Using painstakingly-focused ultrasound to tighten the skin and ultimately, create a lifted face without wrinkles or signs of premature ageing, Ultherapy works by targeting the skin beneath its outer layer in a bid to encourage collagen production.

With procedures resulting in lifted eyebrows, tighter jaw lines and smoother necks, this non-surgical face tightening procedure is proving a firm favourite amongst celebrities, such as Ulrika Jonsson.

Although the treatment is relatively new on the skin tightening facial scene, research has already found effective results when using Ultherapy on additional sites such as the abdomen, arms and knees.

If skin tightening is something you would like to discuss with one of our trained clinicians, book in a consultation today to find out the best course of action with regards to your Ulthera journey.

From £1995

Ulthera is a lunchtime in office procedure.

A regular treatment of the full face and neck takes only 45 minutes. The treatment area is cleansed and a topical anesthetic gel is required before the treatment.

The treatment is generally non painful, patients usually experience an intense sensation of heat.

Dr. Luca Russo has developed a unique multi passes technique that maximize the results.

There is no recovery time with Ulthera.

Sun exposure is allowed after the treatment with the use of a SPF 30 product.

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