We surveyed 100 medical spas throughout the UK to make feeling great even easier. We also took the time to collate this data, which includes available discounts, complimentary consultations and information on who performs the treatment (many doctors market their spa’s using their individual experience and qualification – despite the fact they are not around for the procedure!

What is coolsculpting?

What is coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction technique that involves freezing fat and suction to destroy fat cells.

Have you ever seen a cute kid with dimples eating a popsicle? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t, but when Harvard scientists did they realised it was those very ice pops that caused the dimples, by freezing portions of the cheek fat.

So upon researching the phenomenon, they developed revolutionary technology that allows them to target a certain problem area on your body and destroy the stubborn fat deposits by freezing them (a process known as cryolipolysis), without doing any harm to surrounding tissue. Once the fat cells are frozen, the body naturally eliminates them over the following months.


The coolsculpting process is fast, as sessions only last 40-60 minutes and the problem area is generally cleared of all unwanted fat deposits in 1-3 cycles (treatment sessions), and it is no surprise that this procedure has taken the cosmetic industry by storm. Clinical studies have shown that cryolipolysis can eliminate fat under the skin in the specific area by up to 25% of fat cells using one treatment.

However, some patience will be needed, as it normally takes between 3 weeks and 3 months for the full results of the procedure to become obvious. Once the fat cells are frozen, the body naturally eliminates them over the following months.

Coolsculpting is also very safe compared to more invasive fat-reducing options such as liposuction, which has side effects not limited to blood blots, negative reactions to anesthesia and other serious complications. Coolsculpting has been tested on 5,000 subjects in clinical trials and it has successfully helped more than 6,000,000 people worldwide achieve their desired body shape with no fatalities.

In clinical studies, patient satisfaction with cryolipolysis was 73% higher than all other technologies used for non-invasive lipolysis and improvements were seen in 85% of treated subjects.

The best part about coolsculpting is, however, that once eliminated by the body, the frozen fat is gone and doesn’t normally come back (provided a healthy diet and exercise regime is maintained) and the excess skin also withdraws more quickly than in the case of other, more invasive procedures.

Why You Should Consider Freezing Your Fat with CoolSculpting

Do you seem to be constantly on some diet or another, constantly hungry and cranky and still have all the weight you manage to painstakingly lose come right back with a vengeance?

You’re definitely not the only one! 48% UK adults (and 57% of women in particular) have been actively trying to lose weight last year and 68% confess that they’re struggling to lose weight all the time. Still, 40% of those who lose 7 stone or more regain at least the same amount of weight and over 60% of Brits remain overweight.

When you correlate that with the fact that some stubborn pockets of fat can’t be budged by dieting alone, you begin to realise the trouble that coolsculpting can save you.

Not only will your body have the thinner, more harmonious shape that you’ve been dreaming of with no effort on your side, but you can feel safe to buy that new wardrobe to fit your beautiful body, as weight regain will not be an issue for you.  

And unlike more invasive procedures such as liposuction, you’re in full control of the process – you get to choose exactly how much fat you want to lose from what part of your body, according to your budget and vision.  

Exploring the revolutionary technology of coolsculpting might be the best gift you can give yourself this year, that can last you for a life time.

So how much does coolsculpting cost?

As you might know, many beauty clinics are somewhat shy when it comes to openly displaying their prices for procedures especially because prices may vary based on the size of area and applicators used, but they will be happy to reveal their offers when contacted directly. Worry not, we have obtained the scoop on 150 authorized London & UK coolsculpting clinics and here are the highlights:

  • The average for first cycle is generally thought to be at around £550 (just a fraction of the liposuction cost, which averages at £2000 to £6000 in the UK).
  • The UK price is significantly lower than the cost for the same procedure in the USA, where it averaged at £1,126 in 2017.
  • Some clinics offer significant discounts you can benefit from if you purchase in the vicinity of 6-8 fat-obliterating cycles, by almost 40%.
  • If a clinic recommends more than 2-3 cycles of coolsculpting for a particular area of the body, it is worth getting a second opinion.
  • The maximum price per cycle can reach £1000, depending on the London facility you select and on the area of the body where the excess fat is stored.
  • The price for a coolsculpting session at the London clinics we inquired at averages at £707 per cycle
  • The lowest price per coolsculpting cycle is £400, which you can usually obtain by purchasing several cycles (or having an uncanny talent for negotiations).
  • Most of the clinics we talked to (77%) offer free non-obligation consultations, only a couple of them charging for this service
  • Other clinics would charge anywhere from £25 – £50 for a consultation and this is sometimes deducted from the treatment cost if you were to go ahead with it.
  • Nearly all clinics offer free follow-up appointments, where progress can be monitored.
  • Since recovery is almost instant, there are no further costs with hospitalization or missing work during that period.  
  • 15.3% of treatments are performed by a doctor despite the fact that most medical spas use the Doctors qualifications as a unique selling point. The rest are performed by a therapist or coolsculpting practitioner and they would have been qualified by a Coolsculpting University in Barcelona (a 3 day course, depending on the location of the clinic).
  • Dr. Russo from the The Rejuvenation Clinic & Med Spa is one of the very few doctor performing all coolsculpting, body contouring and antiaging treatments himself out of his London based clinics in Harley Street and Canary Wharf.

Now that you have a basic idea of what to expect financially from a coolsculpting session, let’s have a look at treatable areas before we do a price break for some of the most common body parts treated:

Coolsculpting for your abdomen:

While this body area is one of the usual suspects in terms of needing excess fat frozen, it is also a larger surface that may require 2 cycles for optimum results. You can expect to go in twice, for approximately 40 minutes at a time, and spend in the vicinity of £1200 for both sessions.

Coolsculpting for your love handles:

Freezing those pesky rolls firmly lodged under the skin on your hips will also take a couple of  cycles, setting you back around £1000-1300 per session.

However, coolsculpting seems to be the most efficient and recommended method for this particular body area, as it doesn’t leave any marks on the skin and the fat deposits aren’t likely to return.    

Coolsculpting for your bottom:

Finally, some good news for folks with extra-fluffy bottoms: this area is the easiest, safest and least expensive to freeze excess fat off of.

Despite the fact that it make take up to 3 sessions to get that butt back in shape for bikini season, prices can go as low as £550-600 for the entire treatment.

Coolsculpting for your thighs:

As some of you might know, this area of the body is one of the most difficult to remove excess fat from. However, coolsculpting makes fast, pain-free and inexpensive work of it.

It is more effective than most conventional treatment methods and only requires one session for each thigh. The best part? The price averages at only around £550 for the treatment.

Who does coolsculpting work best for?

Coolsculpting might be the best procedure available for you if you:

  • Are of average weight, but have some unsightly lumps of fat stored under their skin on different problem-areas of the body.   
  • Your pockets of fat are easily pinchable.
  • Have a busy schedule and don’t have much time to spend on getting your body in shape.
  • Have children and/or a demanding job and can’t afford to spend time recovering from a cosmetic procedure.

Coolsculpting is not suitable for you if:

  • You are obese, as this procedure is not meant as a general weight-loss treatment and may not provide the expected results on massive fat deposits
  • You suffer from cryoglobulinemia
  • You suffer from cold agglutinin disease or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria.
  • You do not have “grabbable” fat – as we were told by one medical spa.

If you’re in doubt whether you may be in any of these categories, it is best to ask your physician’s advice, or better yet, book yourself a free consultation.

Does coolsculpting have any side effects?

In spite of being one of the safest and least invasive fat removal options available today, like any treatment, coolsculpting can produce a series of undesired effects in some of the people who use it. These are generally related to the freezing process and largely happen during or soon after (a couple of weeks) the procedure, the side effects are temporary and local and the most common may include:

  • Intense cold
  • Pulling, stinging, aching or cramping sensations in the treated area
  • Swelling, redness or bruising in the treated area
  • Tingling or skin sensitivity in the treated area
  • Fullness in the back of the throat

If any of these side effects last more than a couple of days to a couple of weeks, it is best to visit your doctor, just to be on the safe side.

What should you keep in mind when choosing coolsculpting?

So you’ve decided you’re a good fit for this kind of procedure and you have some extra fat in rapid need of freezing. The first thing you want to do is to carefully select a trustworthy and capable coolsculpting provider.

While in London, most of such facilities are carefully regulated by organisms such as the Care Quality Commission, this doesn’t mean that all UK coolsculpting providers are up to standards and this is even more of an issue in other developing countries. Remember to ask for the clinic’s and the physician/therapist’s credentials before or during your preliminary appointment.

If a coolsculpting clinic offers a much lower price than the average in the area, it may be too good to be true. While it’s understandable if it’s a limited promotion, permanent low prices with no justification may be an indication that you may receive sub-par services in what quality or safety are concerned.

Most of the coolsculpting treatments are performed by therapists (practitioners), normally trained at the Coolsculpting University. But don’t be too taken in by that name, it is only a 3 day training program. A few clinics however have a licensed physician performing the treatment. You might want to seek those out for extra safety and peace of mind.

What can you expect if you choose coolsculpting?

How Much Does Coolsculpting Cost?

Once you have found and vetted your clinic, you will be invited for a preliminary consultation with the coolsculpting practitioner. Together, you will discuss your fat reducing needs and goals and you will be provided with treatment options and quotes.

During the actual procedure, an applicator will be used to freeze off the unwanted fat deposits under your skin. You will feel intense cold and a pinching, possibly stinging sensation, but that will only last for a few minutes, before the area goes fully numb.

For the rest of the session, you should be able to relax, listen to music, work, read or watch a show while your troublesome fat cells are painlessly crystallizing.

After the session, you might have experience some cold and pain as the area warms up (in some cases, this might last for several days) but you should be able to resume your regular daily activity, no bed-rest or recovery time being necessary.

In the following weeks after the procedure, progress will be measured during follow-up meetings, the last such consultation (and final “after” pictures) taking place in the second, third or even fourth month post-intervention, depending on each person’s body.

How can you get the best deal on coolsculpting?

There are a few methods to get the best price on this procedure, depending on the kind of treatment you need and your preferences:

  • If you need to have the procedure on several body parts, buying at least 6-8 cycles at once should provide a substantial discount (as low as £450 per cycle)
  • When choosing a clinic, try to avoid the most advertised and most centrally located options. Try finding more budget friendly options through recommendations from satisfied clients (you might find some on social media groups, forums etc.)
  • The size of the applicator (the device that is used to freeze your excess fat) can drive up the price – the larger, the more expensive – ask whether using a smaller applicator wouldn’t yield the same results.
  • Start by setting lower goals for yourself – the less amount of fat that needs to be frozen, the less the number of treatments you need to buy. 

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