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CoolSculpting fat removal

Increasingly more people are looking for ways to get rid of unwanted fat, hence why at The Rejuvenation Clinic we offer Cool Sculpting. Our fat reduction treatment is non-surgical, yet offers a long-lasting result.

No matter how strict your diet or intense the exercise becomes, do you find it virtually difficult to remove those stubborn fats?

An increasing number of people are looking for incredible means to lose weight and get rid of the unwanted and stubborn fat tissues in the body. Hence, The Rejuvenation Clinic offers Coolsculpting in London, a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that is ideal for both men and women and works for a long-lasting effect.  

The Rejuvenation Clinic is considered number #1 provider of CoolSculpting fat removal. Our experts can create customised treatment based on specific body types and needs. We are utilizing the latest technologies and state-of-the-art facilities to give outstanding customer service and effective medical procedures. So, if you are looking to target certain areas in the body such as your back fat, outer or inner thighs, or muffin tops, The Rejuvenation Clinic has a perfect, safe and proven solution for you!

The CoolSculpting Procedure

The science has proven. Your fat cells don’t like the cold. Years ago, a team of renowned scientists at Harvard University had discovered that some children who ate popsicles got some dimples in their cheeks. The team spearheaded by Professor Rox Anderson realized that the popsicles were freezing and removing a small pocket of fats. The idea that cold condition can target fat cells has led to the development of Zeltiq CoolSculpting procedure for non-invasive removal of fat cells in the body. The Zeltiq CoolSculpting procedure uses and safely delivers a precisely controlled cooling technique called Cryolipolysis to effectively and gently target, freeze, and eliminate fat cells without affecting other healthy tissues in the body. The reduction in fat cells offers a long-lasting result, hence, creating a more sculpted you. The procedure is known to be a safer alternative for surgical fat removal treatment like liposuction.  

What to Expect

At the Rejuvenation Clinic, the CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment that can help both men and women get rid of the unwanted, stubborn bulges in certain areas of the body. Your CoolSculpting expert will create a treatment plan customised to your body. With this fat removal procedure, your expert will apply a specially-designed cooling applicator and gel pad to the targeted areas which will deliver a controlled cooling from the underlying tissues. Using an applicator cup, it creates a gentle vacuum pressure to draw the tissue between the cooling panels. The precisely controlled cooling conditions targeted the desired areas of fat reduction until the fat cells shrink and die. The normal metabolism of the body removes the dead fat cells without harming other tissues. The body’s natural process of eliminating dead cells makes the CoolSculpting procedure safe and effective.

During the procedure, you can take a nap, browse your e-mail or read magazines. Since it is non-surgical and non-invasive in nature, there are no incisions, no needles, no medications or anesthesia, or no recovery time. You can usually resume to normal activities after the procedure. It provides little to no downtime once the procedure is done, so you can guarantee that it will not affect your work or regular activities. There might be some side effects during or after the procedure such as numbness or discomfort, but these are minor and rare. It is important to ask your clinician if the procedure is right for you. At The Rejuvenation Clinic, you can book and request for a consultation to provide you a customised plan of treatment. We want to give you the best results, so we create a proven solution based on your needs.

How CoolSculpting Works

After the CoolSculpting fat removal procedure, you may expect that fat bulges are starting to disappear. The result is long-term and proven natural.

The CoolSculpting procedure enables to precisely deliver a controlled cool temperature underlying the desired areas of fat reduction. The cold condition targets these fat cells. And after the treatment, the fat cells freeze, start to shrink and die off. This natural process happens without harming the nearby tissues such as nerves, skin, or other healthy tissues.

Once the treated fat cells die, they will begin to collapse. Over time, your body naturally metabolizes and eliminates dead fat cells. The fats cells are not just reduced but completely gone, so the result will make you look slimmer and more contoured.

It is believed that with each session, you will be able to reduce body fat tissues on targeted areas by roughly 20% to 25%. With continuous treatment, you can achieve a better-looking shape. The CoolSculpting procedure is a safer alternative to liposuction in removing unwanted fats in your desired areas.

Coolsculpting Comparison

At The Rejuvenation Clinic, the CoolSculpting in London is based on sound science; hence, the technology is innovative and effective. Fat removal process and weight loss in CoolSculpting are different from other methods such as liposuction, diet, and exercise.

  • CoolSculpting VS Diet and Exercise

A routine exercise and a balanced diet are important to ensure overall wellness. Though the CoolSculpting procedure shouldn’t be taken as a replacement for these, it will help in achieving your goal of getting a healthier and slimmer body.  Diet and exercise reduce the size and appearance of fat cells, but it will not decrease or eliminate the number of fats in the body.

When you are on a strict diet or vigorous exercise, you can lose weight, but the number of fats stays the same. So, when you gain weight, your fat cells will get bigger.

In CoolSculpting, your body is getting rid of the unwanted, dead fat cells so they will not migrate in any areas of the body. Treated fat cells are permanently gone. Combine this procedure with a healthy lifestyle, and you will achieve an excellent result.

  • CoolSculpting VS Liposuction

Liposuction is another method of fat removal. With liposuction, the fat tissues are pulled out from the targeted areas in the body using large tubes. This procedure is surgical and invasive; thus, it requires a patient to undergo anesthesia and medications. It might leave an immediate result; however, an individual has to be in recovery for a few weeks.

With the CoolSculpting procedure, an individual does not have to undergo any medications, surgery, anesthesia or recovery. There is no downtime; hence, you can resume with your daily activities right after the procedure. You are also not required to take any pain relievers or supplements after the treatment.

CoolSculpting Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I know if I am a good candidate for the CoolSculpting?

The CoolSculpting fat removal procedure is specifically designed for individuals who want to get rid of the stubborn, unwanted fats in certain parts of the body. It is a non-surgical alternative for liposuction, but not a weight-loss option. You can request for a one-on-one consultation with one of the CoolSculpting experts in London at The Rejuvenation Clinic to find out if this procedure is right for you.

  • Is this procedure considered safe?

The procedure is FDA-cleared for the treatment of eliminating unwanted fats in certain body areas. Here in London, The Rejuvenation Clinic is considered number #1 provider of CoolSculpting fat removal. With our latest technology, it is expected to be safe and effective.

  • What does CoolSculpting feel like?

As the cooling begins, you may feel intense cold or pressure during the first few minutes. This feeling will sooner disappear. You will also feel numbness on the treated areas for about 5 to 10 minutes during the procedure. Since it is non-invasive and non-surgical, many patients can still read books or magazines, browse their e-mail or take a nap.

  • Are there any side effects?

Typically, there are side effects which include temporary discomfort such as tingling sensation, numbness, intense cold, or stinging at the treated areas. These side effects are considered temporary, rare and minor. As with any medical procedure, always ask your clinician for a one-on-one consultation.

  • Are the results permanent?

Through a precisely controlled cooling method called Cryolipolysis, the treated fat cells freeze and will eventually shrink and die. Once the fat cells collapsed, the body will naturally eliminate these dead fat cells completely. Hence, the reduction of dead fat cells is permanent.

  • How long should the treatment be?

Here at The Rejuvenation Clinic, your CoolSculpting experts will customise a specific treatment based on your body needs. The length of the treatment varies depending on the number of desired areas for fat reduction. The results also vary. You might notice some changes in your body shape as early as four weeks after the procedure. You can also schedule additional sessions or treatment to achieve a better result. In this case, you may speak to one of the experts at The Rejuvenation Clinic.

  • Do I need to take any medications or special supplements?

After your CoolSculpting treatment, no medications or special supplements are needed. Even during the procedure, you don’t have to undergo general anesthesia, pain relievers or medications. More patients feel motivated after the CoolSculpting procedure as they become conscious of what they eat and incorporate exercise in their routines.

  • Can I resume to regular activities after the procedure?

You can definitely return to your normal activities right after the procedure. Since the treatment requires no surgery, patients can resume to work or daily routines immediately. This procedure offers little to no downtime, so your regular activities will not be affected at all.

  • What if I gain weight after the procedure?

A lot of patients become more motivated to take care of themselves even more after undergoing the CoolSculpting procedure. In the event that you gain weight, you may increase weight evenly all over the body, but not only in the treated or affected areas. At The Rejuvenation Clinic, you can to get a one-on-one consultation with our CoolSculpting experts to know more about the procedure and what to expect.

  • Is this procedure for everyone?

The procedure is particularly not for everyone. CoolSculpting should not be used as an alternative treatment for obesity, but it can help in eliminating fat cells in certain areas of the body. You should not undergo CoolSculpting if you have cold agglutinin disease, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria or cryoglobulinemia. Though the procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical, you should ask an expert if this is the ideal solution for you. At The Rejuvenation Clinic, you can request for a consultation to find out the best solution and medical procedure for your needs. 

Why Choose The Rejuvenation Clinic for Coolsculpting?

Despite your efforts in getting a slimmer and healthier body, it seems virtually impossible to achieve the best results. Good thing that The Rejuvenation Clinic is the number one provider in CoolSculpting fat removal procedure.

  • Well-renowned and Leading Expert

Administered exclusively by Dr. Luca Russo himself, you can expect nothing but an excellent result and outstanding medical care. With more than 25 years of incredible reputation and medical experience, Dr. Russo is a dermatologic and cosmetic surgeon who has perfected his field to provide the best result in all medical procedures.

  • Safe and Best Result

Performed by a highly-qualified expert, CoolSculpting as a proven technology offers great results for an even more toned and slimmer body. This gives you a natural-looking body without harming other tissues and affecting your daily activities. No incision, no anesthesia, and no medications needed. You can achieve a contoured body without surgery and downtime.

  • Convenience

At The Rejuvenation Clinic, we only use the latest technology for CoolSculpting in London. That makes the session and procedure less time-consuming and more convenient for you. You can browse your e-mail or messages, read books or take a nap during the procedure.

At the Rejuvenation Clinic, all the Thermage and CoolSculpting procedures are performed exclusively by Dr. Luca Russo, a well-renowned and leading Harley Street cosmetic surgeon with over 25 years of experience and medical expertise. The procedures are only carried out in our state-of-the-art facilities in the heart of Harley Street, the city of London. Don’t delay a day and book a one-on-one consultation with the finest and expert in cosmetic surgery.

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Before and after CoolSculpting

Before and after CoolSculpting

Before and after CoolSculpting

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