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Laser Hair Removal

Remove unwanted hair with state of the art lasers.

Get rid of the unwanted facial and body hair using the latest laser technology to achieve smoother and glowing skin.

Tired of removing unwanted hair through waxing, shaving, or tweezing? Needed to get a long-term body and facial hair reduction? Hoping to get a smoother complexion?

At The Rejuvenation Clinic in London, we have a perfect and proven solution for you. Introducing an innovative technology for unwanted hair removal, we are offering Laser Hair Removal to help you get smoother skin and long-term reduction of hair growth. With the state-of-the-art facilities located in the heart of Harley Street, London, our experts are specialized and trained to utilize a medical grade, laser technology so you can achieve the desired smoothness of your skin and face.

Remove those Unwanted Facial and Body Hair!

Using the latest technology of laser light, Laser Hair Removal targets the hair follicles to stop them from producing and growing. This procedure is quick and effective, which makes it an excellent choice for you.

  • Suitable for all skin types on both men and women
  • Medical grade laser technology
  • Long-term facial and body hair reduction
  • Smoother and better-looking skin
  • Proven expertise and medical experience
  • State-of-the-art facilities

About Laser Hair Removal

One of the most effective and quickest ways to reduce unwanted hair on the body and face is Laser Hair Removal. In London, The Rejuvenation Clinic offers anoutstanding solution and great results as compared to the traditional way of shaving, waxing, or tweezing. Highly concentrated laser light is targeted into the hair follicles. The light is absorbed by the pigments in the follicles, keeping the hair from growing.

The Rejuvenation Clinic is one of the premier medical facilities in London that specializes in hair growth reduction. With over 25 years of medical expertise, we take pride in providing the latest laser technology to meet the best results you deserved to get.  

Laser Hair Removal at a Glance

Step 1: Book a consultation

Book a consultation with one of our experts at The Rejuvenation Clinic in London.  

Step 2: Consultation and Patch Test

At the state-of-the-art facility of The Rejuvenation Clinic, you will have an initial consultation. Our experts will perform a quick assessment of the treated areas to determine if it is suitable for laser hair removal. A patch test will be done. After 48 hours, the first treatment can be started.

Step 3: The Treatment

The laser machine is prepared. The areas that will be treated needs to be shaved. Laser light will be activated on the treated areas during the procedure. A minimum course of 6 sessions may be required depending on the hair growth structure to achieve the best results.  

Step 4: Post-treatment

The treated areas may appear slightly sore right after the treatment. Any redness will subside, and you will see the visible results. The length between treatments varies depending on the hair growth structure. Our experts at The Rejuvenation Clinic will discuss everything during the consultation.

How does it work?

We do have different skin types. At the Rejuvenation Clinic, we designed a treatment plan based on the client’s needs. You will have a patch test to determine each patient’s suitability for laser technology.

There is a science related to Laser Hair Removal. The laser treatment destroys and targets the hair in the active growth phase or the anagen stage. The laser light activated by the machine is composed of precisely controlled energy or pulses, which are absorbed by the pigment in the hair called melanin. The energy or pulse reaches the active hair follicles underneath the treated skin. This process is called selective photothermolysis.

The process is selective as it targets only the treated areas or hair, not the skin. As the energy heats the hair, it destroys the hair follicles and stops further hair from growing. Reduction of hair growth happens without affecting the surrounding tissue or skin. At the end of the treatment, slight redness or soreness will appear but will subside eventually. A soothing aloe gel is applied to relieve the soreness.

Following the treatment, the dead hair will come through the skin, push through and fall off naturally. Hair growth and structure are different, so several sessions are required to ensure that the laser will catch all the hair in the anagen phase. Most people will have a course of six to eight sessions to achieve an ultimate hair growth reduction and smoother skin.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

The laser technology is an effective and less painful treatment for removing unwanted hair from the face, arm, underarm, bikini line, legs and other areas of the body. In London, the laser technology used at The Rejuvenation Clinic offers outstanding benefits.

Excellent results. A lot of patients have experienced a permanent hair loss after a course of 6 sessions. This provides predictability and permanent hair reduction. Laser hair removal also helps in reduction of ingrown hairs, creates less irritation to the skin and provides smoother skin.

Precisely controlled. Laser technology is selective, which only targets the treated hair without damaging other nearby tissues or skin. The laser machine produces a precisely controlled beam of light to heat the affected area. This treatment makes it safe and highly effective.

Speed. The pulse created by the laser machine can treat an affected area of the body very quickly. Small areas can be treated in less than a minute. Large parts of the body such as legs or back may take up to an hour.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

Although laser hair removal is safe, it is a medical treatment that needs to be administered by a highly trained medical expert. At The Rejuvenation Clinic in London, we are providing not just a consultation but also a unique treatment plan based on your body needs. If you’re planning to undergo a laser hair removal, you should refrain from waxing or plucking six weeks before the procedure. Remember that the laser hair removal targets the hair follicles, which are destroyed when plucking or waxing. To make the procedure more effective and achieve an excellent result, make sure to avoid sun exposure for at least six weeks before and after the procedure.

What to Expect

Before the procedure, the hair or areas undergoing treatment will be cleaned and trimmed. The laser will be controlled and adjusted according to the hair growth structure, color, location and thickness of the hair. Skin color needs to be considered in the treatment plan.

You and your expert will be advised to wear appropriate eyewear or protection throughout the procedure. To protect the outer layer of the skin, a special cooling device or a cold gel is applied. The technician will activate a pulse to the treated area to ensure the best settings and evaluate for any adverse reactions.

Once the procedure is finished, you may expect slight redness or soreness on the affected area. You will be given an anti-inflammatory lotion or cream, ice packs or cold water to relieve any pain or discomfort. Next treatment may be scheduled to stop the hair from growing and achieve the best results.

A full course of at least six sessions is required for a long-term hair growth reduction. This result varies depending on the skin tone, color and hair growth structure. Consultation is needed to determine the right treatment plan for you. You can book a consultation with one of our experts at The Rejuvenation Clinic in London to learn more about laser hair removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal is a medical treatment that uses a precisely controlled beam of laser light to destroy the follicles or roots of the hair, keeping the hair from growing. This procedure is considered to be the most effective and more permanent hair reduction available in the market. At The Rejuvenation Clinic in London, the treatment is administered by highly trained and skilled medical practitioners.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

The laser light produces pulses or energy, which are absorbed by the melanin or pigments in the hair. This process destroys the hair follicles. After the treatment, the dead hair starts to push through and shed off naturally. This process is called selective photothermolysis, which will not affect surrounding skin or tissues.

Is the treatment right for me?

The treatment is considered safe and suitable for all skin types and color. Depending on your body needs and hair structure, our experts at The Rejuvenation Clinic will discuss the details and treatment during the consultation. A patch test is also performed before the procedure. You can book for a consultation to learn more about the unique treatment plan for your body and skin needs.

What is the Patch Test?

This is a procedure performed before the laser hair removal. It is done to check the suitability of your skin for the treatment. Your skin will be assessed and inspected. Then, a small portion will be exposed to the laser. This is procedure is needed to evaluate any adverse reactions and identify the best settings of the laser machine for you.

Which areas of the body can I have a treatment?

The treatment is suitable for any skin types and anywhere in the body for as long as there is enough hair pigment that will absorb the laser light. Our experts at The Rejuvenation Clinic will provide a unique treatment plan for you.

Does the procedure hurt?

Laser Hair Removal feels like a sudden flick of an elastic band. However, the more sessions you have, the less painful it can become. At The Rejuvenation Clinic in London, we make sure that the laser treatment is very gentle and won’t harm your skin. Although there might be some redness on the treated areas immediately after the procedure, it will subside within 24 hours. Cold water or ice pack is applied to relieve this minor discomfort.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. Laser Hair Removal is proven safe and effective. Since it affects only the follicles or roots of the hair, the laser light will not damage the healthy tissues and skin or surrounding areas. With the state-of-the-art facility and latest laser technology that The Rejuvenation Clinic has, we make sure that you are always safe from start to finish.

Would there be any side effects?

There will be minor discomfort or pain immediately after the procedure. Slight redness may also be expected, but this will subside very quickly.

How long will the results of Laser Hair Removal last?

In most cases, hair growth reduction is permanent and long-term. Although results vary depending on the hair color and type, many clients visibly notice a permanent result, normally 90% of hair reduction.

Is it applicable for any skin types?

Yes, it is suitable for any skin types and color. At The Rejuvenation Clinic in London, you will get a specialized treatment plan based on your skin type and needs. A consultation and patch test are also complementary to check your skin’s suitability for laser light.

Don’t delay a day!  Contact us and book a consultation with the finest and experts in Laser Hair Removal. Only at The Rejuvenation Clinic in London!

Why Choose The Rejuvenation Clinic for Laser Hair Removal?

This is absolutely the perfect opportunity and proven solution to get rid of the unwanted body and facial hair. Whether you’re a man or woman, light or dark-skinned types, The Rejuvenation Clinic provides you an innovative laser technology for hair growth reduction. The cost for a single session starts at £45.

At The Rejuvenation Clinic in London, the procedures or treatments are administered exclusively by Dr. Luca Russo. Dr. Russo is an internationally-renowned and leading cosmetic surgeon with more than 25 years of medical expertise and clinical experience. Our Laser Hair Removal is performed in our state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Harley Street, London. We have the training, expertise and advance technological facilities to cater the best, proven safe and most effective solution depending on your needs.

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