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Milia removal

Dr Luca Russo is the leading cosmetic consultant here at The Rejuvenation Clinic, he carries out the procedures for milia removal.

Milia is often referred to as “milk spots”. At The Rejuvenation Clinic, we provide milia removal for those who have identified small white cysts beneath the epidermis. Noticeably, the cysts are white in colour as a result of their keratin content which can be found in nails too, although these aren’t life-threatening they can affect your self-confidence hence why we ensure you are happy with the way your skin looks and feels.

The procedure for cyst removal is relatively straight-forward. We use a sharp needle in most cases however, we can use a Hyfrecator for more complex types of milia (the only difference is that a hyfrecator uses electrical pulses!) As a consequence of our non-surgical cyst removal, we ensure you experience minimal pain but we do have anaesthetics available if your skin is very sensitive. Simply, an incision is made using the sterile needle and the contents of the milia is extracted carefully!


From £75

Milias are a collection of small white spots commonly known as milk spots.

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